The great reshuffle has begun

Blood has been spilled as teams all begin their reshuffle post TI3. The top sixteen teams in the world, a couple of them have ceased to exist already, and perhaps a few more to will come. Many of these teams here may remain, but will never quite be the same. Stable players who have been on their teams for a couple of years now will be leaving to find greener pastures, or be forced to leave. All these have begun just a few days after the end of TI3, with first blood spilled by VP, releasing three of its players with the intention to reform a new powerhouse in the CIS scene to compete against NaVi. Even before the official reports of VP's move, many rumours already abound about teams which are disbanding.

Two pieces of news particularly stands out in this period. First, is the disbandment of Team Zenith, our very own Singaporean representatives. It's always natural to want to root for your own country and it is disappointing to see Zenith come to this end. Iceiceice may be the only Singaporean who desires to continue to play dota competitively, with the other Singaporeans tapping out due to NS commitments and just not seeing a future for themselves in the esports industry in this country. We might see iceiceice join other teams and play for them, but it wouldn't quite be team Singapore anymore if it's just one member.

The other, is the huge chinese reshuffle. All the giants of chinese dota may very well be heading into rocky days ahead. Of particular note is Sylar leaving and rumoured to join DK. With rOtk already out of DK and BurNIng reportedly training as an offlaner, it is highly possible that we will see the two best carries of China unite in one team. With the other reshuffles as well, DK may well become one of the scariest teams in the world.

Other rumours abound about infighting within NaVi, particularly surrounding XBOCT and KuroKy. If things don't get resolved, we may well see one of them leaving the team.

Its pretty crazy what's going on in the scene right now, and what a time to go overseas. It's unlikely I will have internet access over there to follow the changes that will unfold over the next couple of weeks, but by the end of it all, the dota competitive scene is going to be looking very different from how it looked like a month ago.