We were asked to help work on a mini project earlier today. I saw the original plan was haphazard and likely to result in errors due to miscomm and each person only caring about their own sector and not the unity of the whole, so I willingly started on it myself and got a few people to help me out too. To me, I saw that even though I would do slightly more work (not all that much imo), it would be smoother and the overall man hours invested would be significantly lesser and hence more efficient.

Then I realised we might all get paid a little for this mini project and then I started to think to myself, I should be paid more. But I won't be. Why should I work harder and get paid the same. Others just slack off and get the same rewards, rewards of my efforts not theirs.

I was thinking about it for awhile before it occurred to me how willingly I was in helping others for nothing at all, until the payment element came in. How that affected the way I thought. How is it that I was willing to do the exact same things for free, but when I was going to be paid, I had thought that I should do no more than the rest who are paid equally?