ORD lo?

Yet another batch ORDs, another group of people I have come to build relationships with come and go. This time though, I feel a greater sense of affinity. For once, this isn't just another ORD batch, it is the ones from my year, the first wave enlistees. Many of these people I already know from before and our relationships will continue even past our NS lives. Others, I will probably meet them again. It's different, when you know the three letter word doesn't just mean the end of our relationships.

And I guess for once, I'm really happy for them. Previous ORDs just make me feel a little bit wistful and are but tickers leading towards my own time to come, this one is a little more special.

That, and it's going to be the final one where I will be but a witness, because the next one's my turn.

Today when I went into one of the offices without knowing who was inside, I stumbled upon the entire crowd of ORD personnel talking to my bosses. It was quite a large crowd of more than ten people, all wearing civilian while I was in PT kit heh. In three months time, it will be my turn, except that that crowd will be but two people heh.

Its kinda strange, my batch being the lowest count, the one that screwed up all the administrative issues unintentionally heh. After next week when last people of this ORDing batch leave, I will be the most senior NSF trainer. And by mid December, one of the only two rare commodities heh. My other fellow rare commodity told me today that many people aren't even going to realise we exist, and when its our time to leave, nothing much would change. Its just two people leaving, unlike the rest of them and their huge numbers.

I'd like to think otherwise. I'd like to think that quality has mattered over quantity, and when it's my turn to leave people will know and will remember because I have been a light.

Well. Looks like I am the senior around here now. Wasn't too long ago (well in fact it's merely but a year) when I first came in and didn't know anything. Now I'm apparently the one of the most experienced persons around. Wasn't too long ago when everyone regarded me as the new guy, and now all those people are gone and I have taken their place.

Less than a hundred days to go.