This is amazing, even by the usual standards of Jon M Chu and Christopher Scott. It's a combination of everything, the dance, the song, the props and the video editing. Really my kind of ideal production.

This probably cost them quite abit to make which most airlines wouldn't do because to them it would just be a safety video that no one watches, but whoever was behind this idea clearly knew that such a production would extend beyond just a simple safety video but become viral advertisement for them, successfully projecting a vibrant brand image worldwide. Well played.

Also, the inner fanboy in me is busy recognising faces in this xD. Mike Song and his mom at their tutting again (funny how his mom became famous too haha), Madd Chad and his robot dance with Philip Chbeeb behind him. Philip Chbeeb also had his solo moments. A couple of other LXD people I recognise but don't know their names.