How to be a complete ass in dominion

In my defense, princess was the only plus buy in the entire game. It could have ended much faster if I had more plus buys. Also, a lack of good draws. There's only one trusty steed in the game and that was really the only good card for drawing.

Those poor guys thought they started well until they had estates and curses filling up their deck and their silvers and golds getting trashed into oblivion. I wonder how it feels like to be the victim of a throned pirate ship + curse every single turn.

Anyway, for those who still weren't clear what happened, basically I got rid of all my coppers and estates with ambassador, then repeated the same move every turn because I had exactly five cards in my deck. Use a village to play two actions, throne a pirate ship to hit them twice, gain two coin tokens, then amabassador a curse to them. With zero coins and one buy, I buy a brand new curse for next round.

Basically I just threw a barrage of trash at the opponents with ambassador and destroyed all their treasure with pirates until their decks were drawing terrible cards every turn. Each time I attack with pirate ship, I gain a coin token for future use. The game was in my control as they were not able to do anything every round while I slowly worked my way accumulating coin tokens. At some point I decided to get the trusty steed and princess, so I had to get a tournament and a province first (which you know, with the number of coins I get from pirate ship its pretty easy). After I got both of those items, I bought the steward to trash my now useless tournament and ambassador. At some point in time they managed to use their own stewards and got rid of enough of the nonsense in their decks to snatch a couple of provinces each, to which my reply was to get 3 provinces in one turn =D. Those 3 provinces clogged up my deck though so I could only get 2 the next turn, then 2 more another turn, then before I got the last province the guy ragequitted xD.

It was kinda funny actually, I was worried that the opponents would ragequit before I started getting provinces which would actually put me in last place heh.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how to use attacks in dominion.