I havn't posted for awhile both here and on tumblr. Don't worry about this blog, it still will live on and if there's something that I want to write about, I will. There is one thing that I have been meaning to write on but it feels like such a huge task that I don't really want to begin heh.

I am going to stop posting on the tumblr though. As I mentioned when it first begun, it was meant to be something which facilitates reflection and thanksgiving. As time went by though, some of the posts began to feel increasingly forced. There are many things to give thanks for everyday, but I feel obliged to say something unique each time. Sometimes, it can be the same thing and I really do feel grateful for it, but it does feel odd. It sounds like a broken record, and doesn't exactly facilitate thanksgiving in my heart either because these are the things I treasure anyway.

The other thing is that it just does become tiring. After awhile I start to feel like I am posting each day for the sake of it. I'll need to find content. I'll need to pull out something out of nowhere. Considering that I'm not the kind of person to share every detail of my life, it drains me. It came to a point where I started to dread writing on the tumblr because I know I'd have to sit down, sometimes tired after a long day, and force myself to post a pretty picture and write something. There really isn't any point continuing if this is how I feel about it.

I thought about converting the tumblr for some other purpose, but hey I already have this blog here. So I have decided that all posts on the tumblr will cease henceforth. I'll leave the posts there. In a way, it does feel like a pity. It was definitely good while it lasted and I do appreciate being able to conveniently look back and see how I have spent the first two and a half months of 2014. I am thankful for being able to embark on this little project to kickstart this year, and even as the tumblr ceases in posting, I will continue to uphold its original intentions: to reflect upon this life, and give thanks to God always.