Beyond limits

You have four rounds to go.

You go one round, and you start to feel tired. You ask yourself, 'how can I finish four if one is already so difficult?'

But you go on anyway. You have three rounds to go.

You finish the second, your legs are aching, your lungs are burning. Your body is rebelling. A thought creeps into your mind, 'look at how terrible you feel right now, and you know what, given the timing, you need to maintain this speed, or go even faster. It's impossible!'

But you go on anyway. Mind over matter. You have two rounds to go.

The third round's past. You didn't think you would have made it this far, but you have. The rebellion in your body has grown larger but so has the fire in your heart. You realise, there is not enough time You cannot just maintain. You need to be faster. Your strides need to be larger. Your mind joins in the party 'alright just compromise, slow down abit, finish your four rounds, it's okay if you can't make the timing today you can try again another day, as long as you do your best'.

That's right, as long as you do your best.

But you don't do your best by slowing down. Despite the rebellion, you open up. You push forward. Faster then what you thought was your maximum. You have one round to go.

Every fibre of your being screams out at you. Yet there is a fire burning deep in your heart. "NO!' it declares, in a loud booming voice. The other voices fall silent. You have half a round to go.

A strength arises in you. There is not enough time, but you are not giving up. The countdown begins, you blaze off with energy you didn't know you still had in you. It is the last stretch.

And you cross the line. With time to spare even. You realise you have accomplished more than just a challenge, you have learnt a valuable lesson.

The body does not control the owner. It shall be obedient to every command of its owner.

You have finished your rounds. And you will return. Each time, you will feel the opposition. Yet now you know it can be done, and so you will accomplish. You will perhaps even find it easy. The challenge becomes but a routine.

So run. Feel the runner's heartbeat. The things you thought cannot be, they shall crumble before the will of one who burns with passion.