Jesus amongst the people

Full of grace and truth.

That was how Jesus was described in the beginning of the gospel of John. This was what struck me as I was seeking God about what it means for us as Christians in society today. How we ought to react to all the things that are happening, how to navigate the fine lines.

It's something quite amazing when you sit back and really ponder about it. What is it about the specific combination of these two words? Most people would probably pair grace with love or mercy, truth with righteousness and justice. Why grace and truth?

Grace, in Jesus Christ upon the cross, saying 'father forgive them for they know not what they do'. Truth, in that there is indeed something that they should not have done.

It's an interesting dynamic. All the more so that Jesus was full of grace and truth. It wasn't even a matter of balancing both, trying to find the perfect spot, walking a tightrope. No, Jesus was full of both, indicating that these are not opposites but things which can be achieved simultaneously.

It is something I still need time to mull over myself, and I do need God's wisdom.

The love of Jesus, not a wimpy kindness, but something tough. Where there is no contradiction between His rebukes and His forgiveness.

Uncompromising on the standards of truth and righteousness, yet described as a friend of sinners. Loved by those whom the religious leaders look down upon.

Jesus Christ, who came for the sick, and not the healthy.

It is a challenge. I'm not entirely sure what this means quite yet, but this I know, I will continue to pursue Christlikeness. To be more like Jesus, and understand better what He would have done if He were living today in the twenty first century, in this island nation of Singapore.