More life

Sometimes day to day existence is so wearying and painful and we wonder where God is and what He is up to in the midst of it all. Well, what a joy to remember, to see that He is making us more able to be full of life! Our lives are not leading to death, but to life. George MacDonald, a Scottish pastor and theologian once wrote a sermon entitled "Life." In it MacDonald argues that when we are weary we may think we are weary of life. He goes on to say that really we are weary death, sin and its consequences. So, what we should long for is not death, but more life. In fact, he argues, that all of creation lies in the shadow of death and longs for the day when we are been completely made new and live in the fullness of life. "'More life!' is the unconscious prayer of all creation, groaning and travailing for the redemption of its lord (each one of us), the son who is not yet a son."

Trinity Study Center, 1 John Bible Study