They say sometimes you just got to go yolo

Yet, every action (or non action) has its consequences. Sometimes you take the safer route, but sometimes you just have to make calculated risks.

I don't think the yolo attitude is ever quite right, certainly recklessness is not something to be held as a virtue. Calculated risks though, are not recklessness but having the boldness to seize an opportunity after weighing the odds, cost and reward.

Often times, I prefer to stay on the safe side. Sure you don't reap any huge gains but at least you know move forward slow and steady. Yet, it becomes a different kind of living. You let opportunities for great reward to slip by because you are afraid of the cost.

It is not the kind of life I want to live.

There comes a point in time when you will have to take those risks. I understand the costs, and I believe it is worth a shot.

The route ahead diverges into two. You can choose to walk the gentle path that you surely will not fall, or you can attempt to go for the climb towards the peak.

And you know, unless you try for the peak, you will never be able to touch the skies.