1 John

So I just finished my long delayed bible study of 1 John some time ago. Even though it took way longer than I intended for it to take, it was something I found immensely rewarding. Sure, part of the reason why I took so long was procrastination, but the other part of it, really digging in slowly and scraping every bit of it, that was worthwhile.

I didn't do it super intensively like what Bible scholars would do, dissecting word for word and checking up the original Greek words and all. Still, it was a marked increase from normal intensity. 1 John would be something I could either casually read in one sitting or read more closely a chapter a day, but I ended up doing about a quarter of a chapter on average a day.

One way I would describe this experience would be that it felt richer. More than just cramming more knowledge into my head, I felt myself drawing closer to God and coming to better understand His heart. It makes me look forward to do a couple more such studies (short ones heh, 5 chapters in 1 John took so long, Romans would probably kill me as much as I want to do it heh). So I do highly recommend trying out something like this!

Anyway, here's the conclusion/summary I just did for the book, feel free to ask me for the entire document if you want!