I think many of us feel ill-prepared for tomorrow. The past year paper certainly is demoralising with its 'search your entire textbook for one sentence' MCQ questions, open ended questions that you aren't ever quite sure what they are asking, and a time limit which is way to short for anyone to reasonable complete a paper. It really does make things rather unpredictable.

And it's going to take intentional effort for me to not allow myself to be stressed up by this. I know I've studied, and it's an open book test. There's a limit to how much I can do, and if the paper is gonna be wonky, I'll just have to deal with it tomorrow.

It's the end of the first sem of lessons. The time for exams has come. It's been years since I took my last examination, and I'm really not sure how it would go. Tendency for me is to feel like there must be something else I can do...but I think I'll need to not let this stress me out.

It's funny but, over the past week or so it seems that I have developed a reputation of being 'smart', which I disagree with I think it's really because I do consistent work while many people lag behind in their revision. When given time to study, I suspect many people will pull ahead. Still, I feel that competitiveness in me kick in, thinking 'well since I've done so well so far, I need to be at the top'. I feel it in me, but really, that's not what I want.

Come what may, God has brought me through this far, I know He will bring me through to the end.