These next few weeks will be quite hectic, not crazy hectic in that I fully expect to make it through, just that discipline is required. That, and patience because I do get a little less tolerant of nonsense when things are hectic.

That's not the point. Instead, there are things that I have been meaning to look into for quite a long while now but...wasn't sure how to go about with it. Right now I think I ought to do something but in the midst of everything I just don't feel quite up to it. I suppose I am not prepared to go through what might potentially be emotionally draining at this point in time.

Been a sort of adviser to friends recently for some of the issues they are facing, and sometimes as I listen and as I speak...I wonder who am I to share personal advice with them when I don't have it all together myself.

Update: Welp, scrap that don't feel up to it thing. Uh...yolo?