So I was checking out Tim Minchin songs while a little bored at work and then I thought, hmm he hasn't seem to have done any new songs for years now, which is strange since he's really talented. So I decided to find out more about what happened.

Turns out he doesn't have much time to do small time jobs like ...writing and singing music as a moderately famous artist and household name in Australia. Instead he now acts on TV and he also did the music and lyrics for critically acclaimed musical Matilda. Which apparently currently holds the Guinness World Record for most number of Olivier Awards won (Olivier Awards are the highest honours in British theater).

Yea okay that sounds amazing and all but just cool facts. There are many cool facts around the world, and I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan of Tim Minchin anyway so what's the big deal and why am I saying all these right?

Well, because I got curious and decided to check out what exactly one of the world's best musicals like. I read Matilda when I was young, it didn't much of an impression on me. Never much a fan of musicals and never saw one which impressed me. I have to say that so far the only kind of performance that I can really love and squeal about are dance performances.

This one though. Is simply amazing.