Last year around the time of pink dot 2014, I was quite vocal about this issue. I havn't been since then, not because I have changed my mind or that I gave up, but rather because I've been better trying to better understand a few things lest I end up shooting my mouth off.

What it means for the Christian to be the salt and light.

What it was for Jesus who was simultaneously full of both grace and truth.

The implications of the words Jesus cried out upon the cross 'father forgive them for they know not what they do'.

Understanding the people who are fighting for a cause, a cause in which they truly and passionately believe in.

The psychology, politics and economics behind all of this.

It's a complicated issue really, and I think we would be committing a grave error if we try to simplify things and become militant about it, as if it is so obvious why our perspective is the 'correct' one. This goes both ways.

This applies to both the supporters and those who are against. There are so many people who blindly support one side and lambast the other. Whenever we criticize 'the other side', we pick out all the obviously biased examples which fall on deaf ears because it just seems completely nonsensical.

In reality, it is much more nuanced and there is alot at stake for all parties involved. So I'm still thinking about it, where exactly should I stand. It will be neither extremes, I urge all of you to avoid those extremes. Despite how it is often painted, despite how often it ends up, this should not be an 'us against them' war.

So to the Christians, yes we know what the Bible says. Yet, consider the effect of some of the things you say and do. Consider that despite how we may pray for it to be a nation under God, it is ultimately a secular nation under secular laws.

Put yourselves in the shoes of those you attack and feel the hate that can come from a community that is supposed to be known for its love.

No I'm not saying we should compromise or that we should redefine love or marriage, and yes I am aware of the dangers. You can make your stand by all means, but think about what you say and how you say it. Sometimes I see hate filled comments, incredulously sweeping statements, accusations, so on and so forth. Are these ultimately beneficial? Do they even glorify God? Or are we simply showing our anger and pride? You may think you have the truth part nailed right but where is the grace?

(And please, none of the opposite either. Grace without truth is even more meaningless than truth without grace.)

To the friends with rainbow coloured pictures, Adam4d.com has a little comic on this issue. Please do take a look. I know there are those among us who give us a bad rep (let's be honest it happens both ways), but this comic highlights what it ought to truly mean to us. You may not agree with the 'philosophy' in here of course, you may not believe in what we believe, but I hope through this you can at least understand our heart, understand where we coming from a little better.

#LoveWon a long time ago on the old rugged cross.