The real reason for the haze

Goes to sociology class. Learn about various theories of power, how coercion, authority, democracy etc works in society. Deep stuff that makes you think about life. Pay attention but still can't quite grasp everything, needs time to digest. Tutorial is hard, many people unsure on how to answer, class is generally quiet.

Ends sociology class, heads over to business school for leadership class. Learns that coercion is 'do what I tell you', authority is 'come with me' and democracy is 'what do you think?''. Pays no attention and still able understand what is going on. Class participation is at the maximum because everybody is right.

(Class participation includes talking about your dream house that you wish to live in. Ideas include water slides and balloon houses like those in Up. We spent a good ten minutes on that. I don't even remember why we were talking about it, was playing hearthstone.)

Stop blaming Indonesia. I think biz school is the cause of the haze. The PSI in this room is too damn high.