Social media

I tend to be always one step behind in social media. When everyone got twitter, I didn't see the point since I had a blog and facebook. Only later then I got twitter, but only for following people and not for posting. Soon I decided alright I don't mind start posting on twitter instead of just following people. By then, people were moving to instagram. Some time later, I decided to get instagram as well but again, refused to post on instagram and just followed people.

Yea I have strange habits like that. It's a little of an OCD thing actually, refusing to post anything. I just thought that if I started, I should continue. If I don't intend to use it regularly enough, I shouldn't at all. No particular reason to do so, just felt like it. Incidentally, I also refuse to like or favourite anything on instagram and twitter. Doesn't actually make any sense heh.

Ok that's unimportant ramblings. Anyway, for quite a long while ago people have moved to snapchat and I didn't get it because it was that weird app that allowed people to pretend they can delete what they send (it gets stored in the snapchat database anyway), but other than that I thought it was just the same as any existing social media platform. Didn't bother. Now I feel like getting it just to follow people who are using it (especially the younger ones), to see what's going on in their lives, but refusing to be part of the snapchat culture (I still think its weird).

Funnily enough, that would be paired with the thought of starting to post on instagram finally. Instagram has intrigued me particularly in that more than any other social media platform, it allows its users to create a persona. Call it a mask, a facade, whatever, people are able to give others certain curated impressions of their lives that do not reflect reality. That sounds like a terrible, negative way and in some ways it is. The detrimental effects have been well documented.

The thing is, social media is a piece of technology that is pretty fascinating to me. It has such power over our lives, completely changing the way we interact with one another. And right now, instead of allowing that force to be corrupted with the elements of this world, I'm thinking of entering and capitalising on the power of that tool for positive influence.

It is part of why I used to write here. Sometimes its for myself, sometimes it's to share my life and hopefully be able to edify. That second aspect has been pretty dead for awhile now though, with the low readership of the blog and how my main target audience for such writing generally do not visit this blog.

So nowadays I really just write for myself here, a journal of sorts, which I don't mind sharing with friends who visit. Am intending to continue with that.

But yes, I'm thinking of foraying into instagram with the specific intent of curating an online persona that encourages and edifies. Will be thinking about it a little more, not intending to rush into it as I want to do it purposefully.

Meanwhile, feel free to start following my currently dead instagram account @renaissancex if you havn't. I'm pretty sure I'll start soon enough.