My only comment on this topic

I remember when the Boston bombings happened, I condemned the west-centric perspective of the media. I remember saying that yes, it was tragic, but more people died the day before in a middle eastern country and no one cared. I called people out for being hypocrites, only being concerned when something happens in a developed country while ignoring the daily tragedies that happen in some parts of the world which eclipse that of the bombing.

This time round I'm seeing people echo the sentiments I had, this time with respect to Paris. Many people also died in another terrorist attack just the day before in Lebanon, but it went unreported. Why are people only concerned about Paris? And so we call the social media mourners out for being hypocrites.

But I've come to recognise the hypocrisy of that position as well. We try to take the moral high ground by stating that it's wrong to grieve for Paris and not Lebanon, but aside from our keyboard warring, what are we doing for Lebanon? Choosing not to grieve for both Paris and Lebanon doesn't make us morally superior to those who grieve only for Paris. In fact, we're being asshats. Instead of standing with those who suffer, we throw a fuss and tell them that they have no right to grieve. How do the people of Paris feel? How does it benefit Lebanon?

I expect that most of us will feel more for Paris than Lebanon, simply because we are more familiar with Paris. It's like how the death of a immediate family member hits us much more than that of a distant relative. It doesn't mean that one life is more important than the other, but simply that our affections and in turn our grief for one will be greater because of a closer relationship. It's not a moral issue to feel more for one of the two.

So yes sure, raise awareness for Lebanon. I think it's a good thing and it certainly deserves attention. But don't lambast those who mourn for Paris while we're at it. It's not us against them. Let those who mourn for Paris do so. Let us stand by them, not condemn them.

The world is an ugly place, I'm sure we have all long known that already. Let's not add to that darkness, but be the light in these times. If we have nothing to contribute, then let our words be few.

Pain and suffering has always existed, and it will continue to do so. That however doesn't mean that we should be desensitised to it. Mourn for both Paris. Mourn for Lebanon. Mourn for all the people who suffer in the world.