Security, surveillance and culture

If you havn't been up to date with the latest news, its Apple vs FBI.

In short, FBI wants the ability to unlock iPhones and access personal data in order to combat terrorism better. Apple says no, because they are standing up for consumer privacy and digital security.

And both sides have supporters, though it seems that Apple might have more people on their side.

Now I'm not gonna comment on what's up with them except it looks to be interesting, but it's funny because Singapore has a far higher amount of government surveillance currently compared to what FBI is requesting for the US.

The best part is, Singaporeans don't care.

It says alot about culture really. The US really values their personal freedoms. Singaporeans being highly pragmatic don't care as long as it doesn't bother them.

The thing is, it works. Government surveillance in Singapore has been key in many operations. So people are happy with it. And realistically, no one is going to scan through your messages and read what you say as long as you don't do something stupid and cause the computer systems to pick up on you.

So sure, have the ability to intercept all my messages. I don't particularly think the government cares about what I'm having for dinner. As long as I do my part and you do your part (by tracking down those who really do threaten society), we're cool.