I don't follow US politics closely but Trump has gotten into my news feed more than enough times for me to know about him and his crazy policies, and the fact that he actually has a large group of genuine followers.

I started watching this because it was trending on youtube and was quickly absorbed. John Oliver explains here why Trump is so popular and so dangerous.

And having watched the whole way, I gotta say the last 2 minutes really made me chuckle. The campaign, the hat, and the reveal oh goodness. John Oliver really had it with this fella.

Aside from that, the whole thing about the brand Trump and how it is associated with quality was pretty interesting. Which is the significance of this #makedonalddrumphagain campaign really. It's not for the sake of poking fun at someone's ancestral name, but to break the magic of the brand.

I don't know how US elections will turn out, but with the US president being effectively the most powerful man in the world, it is important and affects all of us living halfway across the globe. I hope they find someone good. It's tricky with money politics and all but we can hope.