Fly Away

37 more days to go.

I'm really looking forward to it. Not because exchange feels like holidaying, but because I feel that I need to leave for a little while.

I need time alone, away from everything that defined the life I knew. In this time, I want to rediscover who I am. I want to take the time to reevaluate who people are to me and what it means to love one another. Then I can return with fresh new beginnings, putting what is past behind me and focusing my energies on pressing onward towards where God takes me.

There were things that I previously felt apprehensive about when it comes to leaving, but I now see that it will be alright. I have confidence in the people who will do an even better job than me when I am away.

It is also humbling to recognise that I am replaceable. I do not mean that in a negative connotation, but in a way that comes with a sense of peace knowing that life will go on even if I do not carry these burdens.

Yes, it time to go away for a little while, I will back though. Stronger than before.