The stars and the flames

My ninja key chain broke just now when I was fishing it out of my bag to unlock the door. It got pinned by a heavier object and broke when I tugged at it.

It was an uneventful incident that mostly caught my attention because of how coincidental it was that it happened today of all days.

I chucked it in a drawer. It doesn't belong in the bin and it should never be there, but neither was it of enough significance that I could not simply replace it with another key chain.

I think the past me would have romanticised this moment. Oh what symbolism, the breaking of this precious key chain, I must fix it!

Nah. No need for that. It's broken. It will be stored away as a memento.


I think I will write about it, if only to better sort out my thoughts, to identify and deal with some remnants that may still be floating about, and to document all the important takeaways over all the years.

When I have the time. It's not on the list of priorities.