I mentioned it the other time, but I do like the song the pastor of the church here wrote. Especially in light of recent conversations in DI about how it's more than just legalistic serving but that relationship with God. The song 'we the church' talks about what we are called to do, but always sees it in the light of God's work in us, changing us to be more like Him.

We are called to do all these things yes, but it is as the Spirit gives us strength.

Then there's this other song which I think is written by either the pastor or someone else in the church as well. I heard it for the second time today and I liked it and thought to find it online but realise it doesn't exist online heh. It has a different vibe to it, I don't know if you consider it more country, but I find it meaningful too.

I guess what I can say is, these songs resonate with me. Sometimes Christian musical worship songs feels a little repetitive. It's something I realise even more as I write about the songs we sing in DI, always the same few themes over and over.

I guess what I can say is that these songs resonate with me in the same way Vine Band resonated with me with their songs. It feels more holistic. One way to look at is is that these songs allow me to see myself in relation to God, rather than God in relation to myself. And that should be the way, God is the focus not me.