Straits Times covered eSports

Nice to see some coverage by straits times, and kind of amusing that it got on reddit.

Iceiceice  was Singapore's number one player and back when The International first started in 2010, the Singaporean team he led managed to reach top 4. Since then, the Singapore scene has stagnated with other regions grew by leap and bounds, fueled by the rapid growth rate of eSports over the past five years.

With the stagnation and lack of future as a career in Singapore, iceiceice moved to China and had rather decent success playing for Chinese teams. He's one of the most celebrated personalities in dota 2 worldwide, having played on multiple dominant teams (though he somehow could never place top 3 when it mattered the most on The International) with more than $1.5 million SGD in competitive earnings.

I always found it abit sad that someone of his caliber, who is regarded as one of the top players in the world, is known by so little people in his home country. So it is nice to see a little coverage, even if it's just a small article.

Iceiceice really took a risk coming back to Singapore where the eSports scene has so little future. He's investing his own money into trying to make this work, and I hope he succeeds. It's definitely not easy and I would feel that his current team is a downgrade from what he had previously, but they have been showing good results. Hopefully under his leadership and experience the team can take the stage at the upcoming Boston Majors and put Singapore back on the world map once again. Will be rooting for this team.