Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

"What one generation tolerates, the next will embrace".

That was a phrase that was stuck in my head for awhile as LGBT discourse began to surface in Singapore. So I fought, stood up against this enemy with an agenda that was trying to destroy the moral fabric of our society. In my head I think, for the next generation I will fight.

Over time though, I began to realise. This isn't an enemy with an agenda. These are people who although have views which I disagree with, are people who simply want to make their lives better. Perhaps I disagree with the lifestyle. Perhaps I disagree that it would truly make things for the better. Sure. The point is though, these aren't people who are out to ruin society, they are simply doing what they believe to be the best.

And by coming on strong, opposing them, I was doing more harm than good. I was crushing what little hope they were holding on to and not offering them an alternative way out. The love of God that promises to free them sounds hollow when you are stepping on them, completely failing to understand the very real struggles of what they are going through.

The lost are not the enemy. The deceiver is the enemy.

I remember in the midst of figuring out how to love and yet stand for the truth at the same time, I asked a leader whom I respected alot on how to tackle certain very real issues. I remember being a little uncomfortable with the answers, thinking that it seems that the truth is not being stood for. The leader told me in effect, that when I stop seeing the LGBT community simply as the faceless other but instead have people whom I really care about who are LGBT, I will understand. For me right now, I still don't completely agree with everything, but I understand much better.

This weekend when I have a little more time, I intend to write something about this in the aftermath of the election results.