The 'other'

I wanted to write something but it was going to be long and I didn't have the time nor the right frame of mind to sit down and write it. And now that quite some time has passed, I don't think I will be taking the time to write it anymore.

It is still relevant of course. It will continue to be, as Singapore society continues to shape in the years to come. How can we prevent ourselves from becoming a divisive country like America? It's not so simple, especially because we're talking about influencing the masses. We can however, start with ourselves.

I guess, the main thing is this. The language we use, the arguments for the case, the arguments against the other's case, the concerns we have, what we desire, when you take out the subject matter, they sound remarkably similar. Yet because of the subject matter, it puts two groups at complete odds with one another. Of course, the subject matter is important we can't dismiss that. What it does suggest though, is that both groups have legitimate reason to stand for what they stand for.

Sure you can disagree because of the subject matter. Regardless of our stance though, we really ought to stop demonising the other.