One week before I leave Maastricht, and I find myself feeling a sense of regret.

I've spent majority of my time hiding in my room, and I don't feel that I have made a positive imprint in the lives of the people I have met here in Maastricht. I don't feel that I have built relationships. I don't feel that I have been the salt and the light.

I wouldn't go so far to say the time here was wasted. The whole point of coming to Maastricht was a much needed time away from Singapore, a time to be alone for a little, and that much was achieved.

Still, I do wish I had spent a little more time and effort getting to know some incredible individuals here. It's not easy for someone of my personality, but I do wish I had tried harder.

Actually, maybe not. I'm not really sure if it's a matter of trying. I never really felt the need to. Perhaps I'm not feeling this because it's about time to leave, but because only now I feel that I finally warmed up to the people here and I'm already leaving.