Reaching the End

Been thinking about the same stuff these days, about what it means for me to love as Jesus loved, to be the salt and the light.

Some things are definitely true and things I need to continue to work on. At the same time, I also have come to realise that not all of it is true. Also that regardless of how much truth there is, condemnation is not from God and it should not be how I let myself feel.

A reminder for myself that being a Christian necessarily means you will face opposition, and you don't always have to cater to that and make sure that people like you. Of course this should not be an excuse to go ham, but to touch my heart and ask from where am I coming from, and if I am loving with the love of Christ.

Also to work on how I view other people who call themselves Christians. I seem to hold these people to a higher standard, and while definitely should be the case, how I respond to them should still be with gentleness. If there are disagreements on what is right or wrong as a Christian, perhaps I should first ask if I have a strong enough relationship with the person to correct the person. If not, there is no point since the person isn't going to respond positively regardless.

I am thankful for all the other inspirational people here who truly love with the love of God, people whom I wish I could have the opportunity to get to know better. These people are an example of what it means to live for Christ. When I think about how these individuals would respond to me, I have a clearer picture of where I stand.

Am also thankful for friends in DI, people who don't even know what I have been bothered by recently, but the words of encouragement written within remind me that although I am not perfect, I am definitely not a failure as a reflection of Christ either.