At some point in time, I have come to put alot of importance on this. In part, it is finding more about the place and deciding that this is a place I would really like to work at. In part, it is because it would resolve alot of the uncertainties I am feeling with regards to internships.

Yet at the same time, I do wonder if I am placing too much importance on it. If I am pressing too hard for this to be something I want, instead of leaning back and trusting God to direct my steps. Is this the direction that God really wants for me in my life, or am I insisting on having my way?

With that tension, I approach tomorrow. I know what in my heart I really do want, and I will do my best to be able to get it. At the end of the day though, I want to trust God to direct my steps. If this is not for me, then let it be so.