It is helpful to constantly remind myself that I am very privileged indeed. More so that many people I know, life has been very kind to me. Then there are all those people I don't know, who are going through all sorts of things in the crazy world out there. I am indeed incredibly privileged.

So in these moments, I remind myself that not everything has to go according to what I want. Yea, for some reason that does tend to happen in my life, but getting whatever I want is the exception rather than the norm.

As human beings, we often focus on the things we don't have instead of the things we do. So 'count your blessings' is not just a consoling phrase, but indeed one quickly realises that there are far too many to count when we actually do try to do so.

Been having Audrey Assad's 'good to me' ring in my head and I was just reading about the pain that inspired her to write the song. It makes everything I feel rather shallow frankly. Not to invalidate my own feelings of course, but it is important to not be too self-absorbed. When I consider what all of these mean relative to what others go through, it does feel like a very small thing.

Most important of all, I know God is with me. He knows what is best. What I imagine to be the best for myself is often but a shortsighted view based only on the present, on the small amount of things I am conscious about. God knows everything, and He is Good.