The Bible Project

Been watching a whole bunch of their videos and I think they do an amazing work.

They're basically short youtube videos which explain certain concepts or tell certain stories in the Bible, and it does it really well with high quality animation, solid grounding on the Word and at the same time really easy and simple to understand.

I myself find it immensely helpful in understanding more complicated things in the Bible when they trace the concept through the entire Bible. It also really generates greater interest in me in the Word of God as I come to understand more about this epic story that is being told.

For example, this is my personal favourite right now, Luke 1-2. Which is really cool because I've personally gotten so used to hearing the story of the birth of Jesus that I pretty much just skip over it every time, thinking that there is not much additional value for me in it. This video really helped me to look at these two chapters with fresh eyes again, thinking about how much build up there has been to this moment, how epic it is for the people who were experiencing it as it unfolded.

Two other really good ones:

Wisdom series - I actually never knew about this, how Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job comes together

The Law - Part of the series on tracing key biblical themes throughout the Bible, this one helped me to understand better the relevance of old testament law as part of the bigger picture

Do check them out!