Quickfire Updates

This blog isn't going to die but I'll likely be posting much less frequently though!

1) Interning now, things have been decent! There are definitely things I like about the job and things I’m learning, but I doubt it’s somewhere I will can see myself working at in the long term.

2) Even if you don’t have anything to do, the nature of just being in the office from morning to evening can be rather draining, and it makes you not want to do anything when you’re at home even though you technically have the time. It allows me to gain a greater appreciation for those who are working full time and serving at the same time. Especially because unlike me, they sometimes OT, and their job performance is way more important than it is for me.

3) Be more like Mary less like Martha. I need to learn better to be less caught up with trying to do and fix things with my own strength. What I really need to do more is to sit and the feet of Jesus.

4) Balancing work and all my other commitments (which I suddenly have quite a few in this June/July period) have proven to be challenging, but things are going well so far. As mentioned in point 2, it can be incredibly tiring to finish a day at work and go home and have to continue to work on proposals and stuff. I’m glad that I have time in the office to clear some of these (because no one wants to give me work lel, I gave up repeatedly asking people for work now I just do my own outside work, or blog like now heh) so it really helps lighten the load and I can relax more when at home.

5) I’m now a Spotify fan after using it at work. It’s so easy to use and I’ve got the opportunity to listen to old songs again and discover new ones (Rent Collective and Audrey Assad are incredible). Only thing that’s annoying is that I can memorise the ads by now. Okay I get it, they want me to upgrade to premium but come on, are there only those same few ads? Well okay. Actually it makes sense from a marketing communications perspective. Damn. I both hate and love my job sometimes.

6) Some interesting things have been happening at home. It may well turn out that my grandma’s short hospital stay may turn out to be all in God’s plan, a blessing that comes in unexpected ways.

7) I am incredibly thankful for some of the recent developments in my life. Thankful is really the word, because I know that God has taught me valuable lessons through less than pleasant ways, and although in that season it could be painful, uncertain and confusing, but that brought me to where I now am here. Would things go as well as they have thus far if I did not have those experiences? Honestly, probably not, I really was quite the fool. And so it was all worth it. I know I have ways to go, but I know with Christ in the center, it will be alright.