Other Songs

Discovered and rediscovered some songs on Spotify recently, thought I'll post the ones that have been ringing in my head heh.

Turns out I quite like fall out boy and my chemical romance heh. Which is strange because I usually like songs that have very meaningful lyrics which resonate with me, but half the time I don't know what these guys are actually singing heh. That and my chemical romance MVs tend to make them looks like a bunch of lunatics, which can be quite strange

Some...vampire zombie woman dancing. The umbrella dance is pretty cool though.

The 'final' song from the Welcome to the Black Parade album, an anthem to close it all. Love the opening and the chorus.

How best to describe this song? Just... Na nana na nana na nana nana na nana na nana na...and so on. The lyrics are a strange bunch though.

I actually mainly just like the chorus heh: I'm a leading man and the lies I weave are oh-so intricate, oh-so intricate.

Quite possibly my favourite fall out boy song, which is funny because this is the song that sounds the least like all their songs. For that matter, it's probably one of my favourite songs ever. A power ballad which a deep story behind it (it's written by the bassist for the lead singer about their friendship, support for one another as they struggled with mental illness and suicidal thoughts). The final part where they invited the lead singers from various other pop punk bands to sing lines from their most famous songs is chilling as it was like signalling the end of an era for pop punk.

Fall out boy really can do their choruses well heh.

The only non my chemical romance and fall out boy song here! The first time I listened to it I didn't really like it but I decided to check it out again with Spotify and it quickly grew on it. Apparently this song would always enter UK's billboard hot 100 at least once a year despite being so old haha.