General info about the BAT if you're interested:
- http://sampi.co/china-bat-baidu-alibaba-tencent/
- http://www.wsj.com/graphics/chinas-tech-war-all-against-all/?mod=e2fb
- https://www.ft.com/content/d5397a08-4667-11e7-8d27-59b4dd6296b8?mhq5j=e2

As part of my work I have been learning more about the tech companies in China and holy shit they are amazing.

It’s funny because it seems that people on average lean more towards having a negative perception of things made in China (fun fact: this includes Chinese people themselves).

Time to throw those biasness aside friends. Meet the BAT companies. The three kings of tech that basically rule the tech space in China.

They’re the Chinese equivalent to the kings of tech that we know of: Google, Facebook and Amazon. Just like how these companies seem to own almost everything between them, so it is the same for the BAT companies.

Except I realise that they’re actually more advanced than Google, Facebook and Amazon in many regards and that these kings of tech are actually learning from them.

It blows my mind. The BAT companies seem to have everything we have and more. I’m sure there are things they are behind and learning as well (digital home assistants is something they are behind in for one), but it’s just fascinating to realise that companies that are supposed to be on the cutting edge of technology are actually learning and copying from these Chinese companies.

To be honest, this alone makes me want to live in China for awhile even though I never wanted to before. Just to experience this tech revolution and how amazing it is. I think it’s something that can’t just be talked about but has to be experienced.